Competency Evaluation Experts

Touchstone Institute is a non-profit corporation that offers expertise in evaluation and curriculum development to promote public confidence in professional competence in the Canadian workforce.


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Competency Evaluation Experts

We offer expertise in the development of exams and orientation curricula that promote professional competence in the Canadian workplace. We work with regulators, practitioners, educators and governments to uphold public confidence in our healthcare system.

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Exams are designed to purpose,
and administered to be reliable and

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We apply the latest research to create
innovative learning and assessment

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Our multi-modal learning programs
prepare internationally educated health
professionals for success

What We Offer

Our Innovation

Touchstone Institute is committed to advancing the field by pushing the boundaries of assessment practice and knowledge. We have an innovative approach to exam and curriculum development, industry leading standardized client program, and a recognized centre of excellence focussed on competence in professional communication.

We share our expertise in our Touchstone Institute Perspectives Series (TIPS), and host annual events where international experts share their knowledge of issues central to our mandate to promote and assess health professional competence.

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Touchstone Institute specializes in creating large-scale written and clinical exams that reliably assess the competencies of internationally and Canadian educated health professionals, and their readiness for practice in Canadian jurisdictions.

Learning Programs

Touchstone Institute provides learning programs for international medical graduates (IMGs) and visa trainees who have been matched or accepted into medical training in Ontario.

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