To support our large-scale examinations, Touchstone Institute draws from a large pool of profession-specific examiners. Training is conducted prior to all examinations to ensure consistency and accuracy between examiners. Touchstone Institute solicits feedback throughout the training process which is used for quality improvement.

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All examiners must be in good standing with their respective governing colleges. They must be currently practicing in Canada, and not be involved in anything that could impair their decision-making abilities.

In an OSCE station, examiners observe examinees interacting with a standardized client and record performance according to a rating-scale guideline. A consensus must be reached on various examiner scoring content, as well as examiner prompts. A lead examiner acts as the point person for all disputes regarding any clinical content of the stations.

All examiners complete an online orientation prior to the exam day, in addition to in-person training sessions and calibrations. They also participate in a dry run with simulated client in order to familiarize themselves with their station prior to the examination.


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