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Touchstone Institute works with physicians in various specialties who contribute their invaluable expertise in curriculum development, postgraduate teaching, and clinical practice in Ontario health care environments. We are always looking for individuals to help develop and deliver our education and assessment programs.

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Specific qualifications vary by role, but general requirements include:

  • An independent licence to practice medicine in Ontario, or be PGY-3 or higher with an active Postgraduate Education Certificate.
  • In good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)
  • Interest in competency-based medical education

Physicians fulfill different roles, including examiners, preceptors, advisors, and curriculum developers. Depending on the role, responsibilities may include the following:

  • Assessing examinee performance in high-stakes evaluations
  • Providing formative feedback in low-stakes assessments and group learning contexts
  • Acting as advisors or mentors to international medical graduates transitioning to practice
  • Co-developing curricula for pre-residency orientation programs
  • Leading and facilitating sessions on key issues in Ontario health care

Physicians who consult on our education and assessment programs receive the following benefits:

  • Remuneration – Receive financial compensation for your work.
  • Continuous learning – Develop your skills and experience in education and assessment.
  • Relationship building – Connect with other physicians who are passionate about learning and development.
  • Professional excellence – Support a culture of competence-based medical education and practice.
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