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Competence in professional communication for nurses in Canada


About the Nurse Ready App

Nurse Ready™ is a self-assessment tool that is available as a mobile app to support professional communication by internationally educated nurses.

Nurse Ready is an innovative tool, launched in 2023 as the first of its kind. Nurse Ready uses artificial intelligence to identify issues and generate customized feedback on the communication competencies required for nursing certification and practice.

This resource is free and designed specifically for internationally trained nurses to use at any point on the pathway to licensure in Canada.

The app is anchored in an assessment blueprint that integrates multiple key inputs to drive for innovation in the way that IENs access and learn about nursing communication competency. The blueprint was developed in collaboration with nursing communication subject matter experts, and references relevant language and communication competencies from:

Our partners at the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) reviewed the blueprint against the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Stage III Knowledge and Strategies to ensure that the experience reflects CLB Levels 9 and above. In this way, the app presents an aspirational benchmark for IENs challenging language proficiency tests for entry-to-practice.

The app was developed by Touchstone Institute, with funding from the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credentials Recognition Program and the contributions of many people and organizations.

Data Safety Policy

Nurse Ready is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our users' data, including compliance with regulatory requirements and transparency on data handling practices. This Data Safety Policy outlines our approach to data protection, specifically focusing on the Account Deletion Requirement as stipulated by regulatory guidelines.

Data Collected: Nurse Ready collects a limited amount of personal data, including name, location, and nationality, as necessary for the functioning of the app and to provide enable personalized services.

A sample profile screen from the Nurse Ready app which highlights the button to Delete Account.

Account Deletion Procedure: You have the right to delete your account and associated data from Nurse Ready.

Follow these steps to delete your account:

1. Open the Nurse Ready app on your device
2. Navigate to the "Profile" section
3. Select "Delete Account"
4. Confirm the deletion request

Upon confirmation, your account and all associated data will be instantly deleted from our system. This includes any personal information provided during the registration process or while using the app.

Data Retention Practices: We do not retain any user data after an account is deleted. However, there may be exceptional circumstances – such as when retention of data is necessary for security, fraud prevention, or regulatory compliance. In such cases, we will inform users about our data retention practices within our Privacy Policy.

Transparency and Accessibility: We provide users with a readily discoverable option to delete their user account from within the app. Step by step instructions on how to delete a user account are available above under “Account Deletion Procedure”.

Supporting the Foreign Credential Recognition Program

Touchstone Institute recognizes the importance of language and communication as an enabler of success in achieving licensure to practice as a healthcare professional in Canada. With financial support from the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program (FCRP), we have developed an accessible, highly relevant, and reliable interactive self-assessment of communicative readiness for nursing professionals that:

  • Increases newcomer nurses’ understanding of communication competencies as essential to nursing registration; and
  • Supports IENs in their entry-to-practice and integration into the Canadian labour market
Canada with flag and Funded by the Government of Canada Foreign Credential Recognition Program
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