In   on March 10, 2017

2016 CAME Research Award

A poster presented by Debra Sibbald, Executive Director of Assessment Programs at Touchstone Institute, has won the best faculty award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education.

Validating a Fit-for-Purpose Competency Screening Examination for International Graduated Optometrists (IGOS) was authored by Debra Sibbald, Arthur Rothman, Sandra Monteiro, Sten Ardal, Martin McDowell, Sarah MacIver, & Ralph Chou. Dr. Sibbald presented the poster at the 2016 CCME Conference in Montreal.

Dr. Sibbald and Dr. Sandra Monteiro, Director of Research and Analysis at Touchstone Institute, will be presenting their poster, Ebel vs Cohen? Customizing standard setting to fit the assessment purpose at this year's CCME conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For the full program, visit

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