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2021 Pre-Residency Programming

The Pre-Residency Program for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) at Touchstone Institute has completed another year of virtual programming. When the pandemic forced organizations to close their doors in March 2020, Touchstone Institute had to quickly adapt many weeks of in-person programming to a virtual learning platform so that learners would be prepared to enter residency by July 1. Despite the loss of direct contact, learners reported a very positive experience with an overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Following the successful 2020 programming, the curricula were then redesigned again for 2021 to make the most out of the virtual learning tools available. Modularizing the programs into Foundations and Advanced provided an opportunity to better scaffold curricula in a virtual setting, while providing more attendance options for learners. The foundations weeks focused on concepts critical for a transition into an Ontario healthcare setting. The content was delivered through live virtual sessions where learners engaged through discussion, case studies and reflective exercises. The advanced module built on the foundational sessions to focus on areas best learned through experiential learning. All sessions during this module used simulated virtual encounters.

Clinical simulation provides learners with the opportunity to apply course content in a formative and interactive environment. Simulated clinical encounters ensure that learners are able to put theory into practice while receiving feedback and direction.

Touchstone Institute is incredibly proud of the education team for their ability to adapt quickly and continually improve its programming for IMGs.

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Great sessions!! I really enjoyed the simulated patient interactions. I think it is a great learning tool.

WOW! I am continually impressed by the calibre of the simulated patients. Watching the simulation where the patient did not speak English and she brought her translator- it was so similar to what I've experienced in person! You've done an incredible job training and recruiting for these scenarios,

Very informative session! Explanations of terminology were very clear and overall the content felt practical. Personally, I felt as though the opportunity to engage in the cases through discussions in smaller groups facilitated more active engagement among more participants. Overall, the take-home message of the presentation was clear and conveyed well.

Great session, it was very informative. The patient simulated cases were challenging but very informative and I learned a lot from them.

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