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A Successful Safe OSCE Model

A plan for returning to in-person examinations began shortly after the first pandemic lockdown. While the team looked forward to returning to our custom design-built facility, more physical barriers and safety protocols would be needed to make this possible. The operations team and the Research and Analysis team met to identify how competencies can be reliably measured in the modified environment. They considered a variety of adaptations to ensure that the exam remained valid, with security conditions that still meet safety protocols with no impact on the demonstration of competency requirements.


With oversight from our COVID Safety Squad, and in collaboration with the Medical Council of Canada, the Safe Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) model was first implemented in September 2020 for the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) OSCE.

Safe OSCE protocols have been used for Internationally Graduated Optometrist and Internationally Educated Nurses whose exams were cancelled last year, and will be continued going forward. Exam staff including examiners, standardized clients, and support staff have given very positive feedback on the facility enhancements and safety protocols.


Excellent experience with the Safe OSCE Protocols. The experience still felt very similar to 2019. I do not think these new safety measures took away from the experience at all and candidates were still able to be judged fairly.

- IGOEE Examiner

I felt it was extremely organized and I felt very safe with the COVID protocols put in place.

-IENCAP Examiner

Set up was very well done, from entry and exit to examiner meeting room to exam stations.

-IENCAP Examiner

Pie chart showing participant comfort level with safety protocols implemented for OSCE exam.
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Data from August IENCAP in-person OSCE administration
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