In   on February 1, 2019

Annual Perspectives Symposium 2019

Perspectives on Professionalism was an interdisciplinary and interactive event encouraging knowledge-sharing around the education, assessment, and impact of professionalism in regulated professions in Ontario.

Speakers from practitioner, educator, legal, and patient-advocate backgrounds spoke to the challenges posed by professionalism issues, urging attendees to rethink what professionalism can and should look like. Discussions focused on how professionalism can impact the quality of health care services in particular, and its role in maintaining public safety and confidence in the system while also ensuring wellness and support for practitioners within the system.

A special thank you to all of our speakers and attendees for making this year's event especially stimulating!

Woman speaking into a microphone at symposium

Photo: Erika Abner from the University of Toronto engages Perspectives attendees during her session, Teaching and Learning Professionalism.


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