In   on December 7, 2021

Canadian Medicine Primer to Offer Communication through Simulation as Elective

Beginning this year, Touchstone Institute is offering Communication through Simulation as an optional component of programming to those referred to and attending the Canadian Medicine Primer. Communication through Simulation is designed to specifically address the unique challenges and needs of healthcare professionals who are navigating fast-paced practice settings and diverse patient populations. It facilitates intercultural awareness and intercultural communication competence by exposing the hidden cultural code.

The program adopts an empathy-driven curriculum to not only demystify what patient-centred care looks and sounds like, but also to empower the person within the profession. It reinforces the practice and application of key professional skills, such as active listening, advocacy, boundary setting, and conflict resolution.

An informational webinar is taking place on December 15 to answer any questions regarding Communication through simulation. Register today!



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