In   on November 25, 2020

Intercultural Communicative Competence & Curriculum Development Guide

Communication skills enable increasingly diverse workplaces to be collaborative, effective, safe, and inclusive. Miscommunication is the primary complaint received by employers and regulators in healthcare workplaces, and to address this, Touchstone Institute consolidated the latest concepts and practices into a Competency Framework for Intercultural Communication in the Workplace: Communicative Competence at Work. The framework itself offers a language and structure to describe and develop skills for intercultural communication and workplace success.


Our recently launched curriculum development guide is a free resource that offers guidance on how to apply the framework for developing new programs focused on intercultural communication and workplace success. Touchstone Institute is grateful to the government of Ontario for financially supporting this project.


Visit the 360° Communication website to get started, and share your adaptation of the framework by sharing it and tagging us!


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