In   on February 1, 2016

New year, fresh start for our Simulation Program

Standardized patients have been integral to Touchstone Institute programs since we began as CEHPEA in 2007. Since then, we have recruited and trained over 1,000 SPs to fulfill both standardized and simulated roles in assessments and education programs that support quality assurance for Ontario's regulated health professions.

So, why the change? As our programs continue to expand and grow, we want to recognize the pivotal role simulation – both standardized and non-standardized – plays in assessment and education.

Our simulated clients (formerly standardized patients) are trained to portray a range of roles, including patients and health care team members. Simulated scenarios help IEHPs practise clinical skills, reduce errors, reinforce lecture- or text-based learning, and improve teamwork and communication.

We believe in the value that simulated clinical and communicative experiences can contribute to competency-based education and evaluation.

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