In   on May 26, 2023

Nurse Ready App Launches, Supporting Communicative Competency in Canada’s Nursing Workforce

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nurse Ready, a first of its kind mobile app for professional nursing communication designed with IENs in mind. Available now for download in the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android), Nurse Ready is a self-assessment tool utilizing artificial intelligence for diagnosis and customized feedback on the communication competencies required for nursing certification and practice. It is free to use and was designed as a resource for IENs to access at any point in their pathway to licensure in Canada.

The app was developed by Touchstone Institute, with funding from the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credentials Recognition Program. We are grateful for the invaluable contributions made by stakeholders in the development of this innovative communications tool. 

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Funded by the Government of Canada's Foreign Credentials Recognition Program
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