In   on June 18, 2017

Project 360° Releases New Communication Framework

We are very pleased to announce that the Communicative Competence at Work Framework is live and ready for use. This is an open-access resource providing strategies and approaches for effective and successful intercultural communication, designed for application to Ontario’s diverse workplaces.

Communicative Competence at Work Graphic

Over 2015-2017, the Communication Program at Touchstone Institute initiated the 360° View of Culture and Communication Project as its contribution to the Government of Ontario’s strategy for the successful integration of internationally trained individuals. Project 360° sought to articulate competencies that represent the communication requirements of Ontario’s contemporary workplace, particularly in culturally and linguistically diverse spaces, with an objective to create a 360° communication competency framework supporting successful workplace communication.

Access the Framework now to explore how you and your colleagues can thrive and succeed in your diverse workplace at

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