In   on October 25, 2021

The Role of Communication in Patient Safety

October 25 – 29 is Canadian Patient Safety Week, and Touchstone Institute wants to highlight the importance of communication in patient safety. Communication challenges are a major contributor to adverse events in healthcare. Language and communication skills play a critical role in the provision of safe and effective health services in a patient-centered model. For shared health goals and priorities to be determined, patients’ health concerns must be communicated and understood.

Communication through Simulation is a highly effective training program built upon authentic simulations of communicative events commonly experienced in healthcare settings. Participants in the program will explore foundational concepts for intercultural healthcare communication and experience challenging simulated scenarios for practice. The program creates a safe space for building communication skills with feedback from trained facilitators, simulated clients, and colleagues.

Participants in the pilot program reported increased confidence in interviews, greater success in performance exams, and more successful communication in the workplace.

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