In   on March 22, 2021

Touchstone Institute Delivers its First Virtual OSCE

The transition of in-person exams to a virtual platform has been an exciting challenge for Touchstone Institute. The first virtual administration of the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program (IENCAP) Exam took place on February 23 & 26, 2021. Both written and performance components were thoughtfully adapted for virtual delivery, and analysis of exam security, validity, and participant feedback indicate a very successful remote exam for Internationally Educated Nurses.


This technological achievement leveraged an existing membership in the Umbrella Consortium for Assessment Networks (UCAN) to build a virtual Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) exam securely housed within a remote proctoring platform. The Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) is built around the Zoom application, modified with a custom built dashboard that displays examinee instructions, station props, station timing, and announcements. Examiners scored the assessment from their remote locations using the tOSCE app, meaning the entire assessment was carried out digitally without disruption. Exam security conditions were adapted in the virtual setting to maintain the integrity of the exam.


Examinees can access these platforms from any location but must meet technical and environmental requirements. MCQ proctors are assisted by artificial intelligence algorithms that continually monitor the examinee, while the OSCEs are administered with proctors specially trained to monitor and support examinees throughout their assessment.


Examiners are confident with this transition, and examinees enjoy the convenience of remote administration. The analysis confirms that the Virtual IENCAP performs just as well as in person exams. Another 24 candidates will be assessed in March, getting IENs back on their pathway to licensure.


Please note that only registrants from cancelled exams are currently being offered exam dates at this time. Referrals will be notified when registration reopens.

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