Headshot of Andrea Strachan

Andrea Strachan

Director, Learning & Simulation & Lead, Communicative Competence Centre

Andrea Strachan joined Touchstone Institute in 2014 to implement the Communicative Competence Centre. Since that time, Touchstone Institute has evolved into the national administrator of Canada’s largest English for specific purposes (ESP) assessment and a centre for innovative thinking about communication competency. Andrea is now a contributing member of Touchstone Institute’s Assessment Oversight Committee and oversees the Learning and Simulation Programs. Prior to joining Touchstone Institute, Andrea led numerous projects associated with the integration and inclusion of internationally educated professionals including roles as a curriculum designer, teacher trainer, test developer, examiner trainer, and advisor on language proficiency policies. Over the course of her career, Andrea has contributed to the implementation and evaluation of training and assessment programs for adult immigrants and bridging programs for internationally educated professionals of both provincial and federal governments. Andrea holds a bilingual degree in Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa, a teaching certificate (TESL) from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Education from Brock University.

"Forward thinking and innovative program design recognizes communication as a central element."
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