Headshot of Sten Ardal

Sten Ardal

Chief Executive Officer

Sten Ardal was the Chief Executive Officer for Touchstone Institute from 2013-2023. Prior to joining Touchstone Institute Sten was directing the Ontario government’s Health System Funding and Policy Branch, and was the founding Director of Ontario’s Health Analytics Branch. His non-profit leadership includes six years as the director of a Health Intelligence Unit that developed health information products to support a consortium of academic researchers, public health epidemiologists, and health system planners. Sten has written many reports and papers on health system planning and has consulted internationally for the World Health Organization on health system performance assessment. He holds degrees in Cognitive Psychology from Queen’s University, Kingston, and lectures on health care policy and performance measurement at York University and the University of Toronto, where he holds faculty appointments.

"Health professionals are care providers. If we want to fully assess the competencies of aspiring care providers we need to see how they interact in authentic simulations."
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