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DRIFT happens, sometimes: Examining time based rater variance in a high-stakes OSCE

DRIFT happens, sometimes: Examining time based rater variance in a high-stakes OSCE

Karen Coetzee & Dr. Sandra Monteiro


  • To what extent does DRIFT exist in 12 stations of the high-stakes IENCAP OSCE in which nurse examiners are subjected to a highly rigorous two-phase training process?
  • Differential rater function over time (DRIFT) is described as increasing leniency in standardized assessments due to rater fatigue over time1.
  • Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program (IENCAP) is a high-stakes assessment conducted at Touchstone Institute in collaboration with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).


on April 11, 2023
Have you ever wondered if the specific set of factors you are assigned to on OSCE exam day has an impact on your performance? As with any exam that is in high demand and will be attempted by many examinees, we want to accommodate as many examinees as possible and this is only possible by having multiple exam tracks, including rest stations in addition to the scored stations, and holding multiple exam times and days. The Research and Analysis department at Touchstone Institute wanted to answer this question to ensure examinees are offered a fair, valid and equivalent assessment. Watch the video to learn more about the investigation.
on November 30, 2022
Healthcare professionals are in short supply in Ontario and globally, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic. Ontario has one of the lowest ratios of doctors to population in Canada and continues facing shortages in health human resources due to retirements, fatigue, and dissatisfaction. Strategies to increase the supply of healthcare workers are vital to building a resilient system to cope with the health sector challenges that Ontario will face in the future. There has been a historical reliance on internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) to fill the gap. They are here but are often underutilized or face lengthy pathways to acceptance and registration. More effective strategies to integrate them into the workforce are needed. Competency assessments are a proven method that is efficient and effective.
on November 28, 2022
This study compared the modified borderline group method to two adaptations namely, regression-based, and four-facet Rasch model borderline group methods. Results indicated that the two adaptations may be more defensible than modified BGM in the context of a smaller OSCE.
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