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Touchstone Institute Annual Report 2008/2009


2008/2009's Message from the Board Chair:


It was only two years ago that the Centre for the Evaluation of Health Professionals Educated Abroad (CEHPEA) was launched as a brand new not-for-profit corporation. As founding Chair of the Board of Directors, it has been a great pleasure to witness CEHPEA’s unfolding and growth and the many accomplishments it has achieved in a very short time. Several factors contributed to this success.

The Ontario government is to be commended for creating the HealthForceOntario strategy to address the shortage of health human resources and as part of that strategy, its commitment to expand and enhance services for internationally trained health professionals. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care had a vision for CEHPEA – that it would become a gold standard for assessment and training, making it easier for these professionals to gain entry into training and practice in Ontario.

It is a testament to CEHPEA’s executive team and staff that they have been able to make that vision a reality. CEHPEA offers a robust, open assessment of health professionals to determine their ability to practice in Ontario as well as several training and orientation programs. Staff members have worked very hard, within tight timelines, to respond quickly to meet the needs in a constantly changing environment.

The next factor contributing to CEHPEA’s success is the caliber of my colleagues on our board. As a board, we have been entrusted with ultimate accountability for the organization, representing our stakeholders and ensuring fiscal oversight, transparency and public trust. I would like to thank our board members for the commitment, diligence and passion they have brought to this governance mandate.

It is particularly rewarding that we have been increasingly collaborating and consulting with our stakeholders, which include the provincial and federal government, medical schools and colleges, physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. Your input has been invaluable as we evolve and grow to serve internationally trained health professionals. We look forward to continuing that collaboration in the future as we work together to increase the number of health professionals in this province and ultimately, improve access to patient care services.

- Margaret Nelligan

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