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Touchstone Institute Annual Report 2009/2010


2009/2010's Message from the Board Chair:


Starting with a handful of staff, CEHPEA has evolved into a vibrant, nimble and effective organization that has earned a reputation for its expertise and the credibility of its examinations and programs. As Ralph Marston once said, “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” And it is an attitude that permeates everything that CEHPEA does whether it is recruiting excellent staff, collaborating closely with stakeholders or ongoing evaluation and refinement of everything it does. Often, CEHPEA staff members have been called upon to respond quickly to ministry directions and changing needs of Ontario’s health system and they have consistently delivered high-quality services and programs.

As Chair of the founding Board of Directors it has been my privilege to witness CEHPEA’s coming of age and beyond that, how it has forged strong partnerships with stakeholders and funders and has assumed a leadership role at the national level.

The Ontario government should be commended for creating the HealthForceOntario strategy, recognizing the importance of internationally educated health care professionals as part of the solution, and supporting CEHPEA in becoming the largest assessment centre of its kind in Canada.

In addition to the government’s support and the excellence of CEHPEA’s staff, a contributing factor to the organization’s success has been the strength of the board and the caliber of our directors. The board is comprised of professional educators, representatives of professional regulatory bodies and members of the general public. In this year’s Annual Report, we are pleased to profile our two public board members – internationally educated professionals that have experienced first-hand the challenges of navigating the “system” to gain approval to practice in Ontario and hope to make it better for others.

As a board, we have been entrusted with ultimate accountability for the organization, representing our stakeholders and ensuring fiscal oversight, transparency and public trust. I would like to thank our directors for their commitment to public service as well as their expertise and passion. On behalf of the board, I can say that we are proud of CEHPEA’s accomplishments and look forward to its continued success.

- Margaret T. Nelligan

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