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Touchstone Institute Annual Report 2013/2014


2013/2014's Message from the CEO:


The past year has been a period of great growth and expansion for our organization as we implement our Strategic Plan (2012–2017). I am pleased to update you on the work that has taken place in the following major areas of focus:

  • Exploring opportunities for expansion
  • Strengthening the organizational structure
  • Reviewing our brand identity

Our organization was originally created, as part of the HealthForce Ontario strategy, to develop and administer tests and transition programs for international medical graduates (IMGs). This is an area that has continued to show substantial growth. Working closely with the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), we have been the largest test site in the country for their National Assessment Collaboration Exam, and in 2014, our test volumes almost doubled. We also offer innovative transition programs for IMGs accepted into residency training at Ontario’s medical schools and this year we launched the Canadian Medicine Primer – a new, customized immersion program for sponsored visa trainees and clinical fellows.

Fiscal Period




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