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Touchstone Institute Annual Report 2018/2019


2018/2019's Message from the CEO:


It has been two years since the board endorsed a plan to promote our services more broadly. Our communication strategy has focused on sharing our expertise at professional gatherings, and to listening to the needs of current and aspiring clients. In the past year we added a new therapeutics assessment for Optometry, a CELBAN communication examination site in Saskatchewan, we began to administer the Medical Council of Canada’s Qualifying Exam II, and saw implementation of an agreement with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to administer several of their qualifying exams. Our Learning programs for IMGs underwent significant positive change, and Visa Trainee programming was re-conceived to be more accessible and to better promote integration with other IMGs. These new lines of business have meant stronger relations with our pan-Canadian partners, and the welcome site of new team members at our Toronto offices.

Fiscal Period




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