Touchstone Institute Registration Guide

This guide will help you navigate Touchstone Institute’s registration process. 

Step 1: Account Activation

You will receive an email from Touchstone Institute when your account is ready to be activated. 

This email contains an activation code that is unique to you and tied to your account with the regulator. 

Copy this activation code and proceed to the linked page. 

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Complete Your Profile

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile as follows:

  1. Verify your name and email which were provided by the regulator. If any changes are required, send an email to exams@tsin.ca
  2. Upload a profile image
  3. Enter your information in all provided fields, using the Next and Previous buttons to navigate between sections
  4. Create a password

Once your profile is complete, proceed to Step 3 if registration is open. To see upcoming dates and when registration for each date is scheduled to open, visit https://touchstoneinstitute.ca/


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Step 3: Complete Your Registration

Once registration has opened:

  1. Sign in with your email and password from Step 2 (if needed, reset your password from this page)
  2. Select your program and date 
  3. Upload a photo of your identification
  4. Read and accept the listed policies
  5. Payment for your registration will be completed through a secure third-party site 

If you have any questions about this process, please email exams@tsin.ca

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